It is our belief that successful performance by our school as a whole is largely dependent upon the contributions of each member of our school team.


We are committed to making Many Farms High School an optimum place to work and learn.


Respectfully, as students, teachers, and staff, as five-fingered people on Shimá Nahasdzáán.

MAny Farms High school

Faculty and Staff
Welcome to Many Farms High School the staff would like welcome you.

MFHS Staff

  • Administration

    Phone: 928-781-6226
    Principal Dr. Tonya Knight
    Business Specialist (HR) Laverne Deschner-Dillon
    School Nurse Lovelene Haven
    Business Manager Verni Harrison-Yazza
    Clerk (Administrative Aide) Leonardra Morris
    Registrar Velma Nalwood
    Business Specialist Vacant
    Information Technology Specialist Eugene Stevens
  • Academics Staff

    Phone: 928-781-6227
    Teacher (Language Arts) Cayla Balsar
    Education Technician Gary Begay
    Teacher (Language Arts) Brian Bell
    Teacher (Art) Brandi Wartz
    Teacher (Social Studies) Jonathan Charley
    Education Technician Diandra Crosby
    Teacher (Language Arts) Paula Czernicki
    Teacher (Computer Technology) Gallie Dejolie
    School Counselor Bobbie Bekay
    School Counselor Tullus Deschenie
    Teacher (Library Science) Joseph Dewilde
    Teacher (Math) Corvina Boyd
    Teacher (Agricultural) Dale Etsitty
    Teacher (Mathematics) Linda Etsitty
    Teacher (Freshman CR) Joanne Pete-Deschenie
    Education Technician Tulene James
    Teacher (Industrial Arts) Harold Wilson
    Head Teacher Michael Lamothe
    Teacher (Navajo) Daniel Martin
    Education Technician Cecelia Morris
    Teacher (Language Arts) Deanna Tsinijinnie
    Teacher(Science) Tomeka James
    Teacher (Science) vacant
    Teacher (Social Studies) Edmond Sam
    Teacher (Social Studies) vacant
    Teacher (Social Studies) Daniel Smith
    Security Guard Tracy Todecheene
    Security Guard Dwayne Yazzie
    Teacher (Mathematic) Alfreda Tsosie
    Education Technician Reynolds Uentillie
    Teacher (Science) Vacant
    Teacher (Language Arts) Enda Cunnane
    Teacher (PE/Health) Bessie Wilson
    Teacher (Music) vacant
    Teacher (Mathematics) Ambrose Yazzie
    Clerk (Administrative Aide) Loretta Yazzie
  • Supporting Staff

    Facilities Manager Roland James
    Business Technician Lorene Williams
    Business Clerk Donna Johnson
    Supply Coordinator Mary Harvey
    Groundskeeper Herman Bahe
    Maintenance Mech (Carpenter) Gary Begay
    Groundskeeper Jonathan Begay
    School Maintenance Worker Shaun Bia
    School Maintenance Worker Edison Claw
    School Maintenance Worker Sheldon Dick
    School Maintenance Worker Delvin Tsosie
    School Maintenance Worker Gabriel Jensen
    School Maintenance Worker Alvin Miller
    School Maintenance Worker Ernest Nez
    School Manitenance Worker Davidson Taylor
    School Maintenance Worker Timothy Tom
    School Security Marty Teller
    School Security Ryan James
    School Security Jeremy Begay
    School Janitor Jeffery Descheenie
    School Janitor Brian Sam
    School Janitor Elrid Tohe
    School Janitor Gilhasbah Taylor
    School Janitor Jerren Leonard
    School Janitor Timothy Shepherd
    School Janitor Tina Lee
    School Janitor Shawn Etsitty
    School Janitor Seville Sells
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