Welcome to Many Farms High School for the 2018-2019 school year. The Staff Handbook is a work in progress with the understanding that we will review and revise it on an annual basis as part of the overall school improvement process. As members of the Many Farms High School Staff, we are entrusted by parents to educate and keep safe their children while they are participating in school activities. Whether you are a veteran staff member, experienced new hire or brand new to the education field, Many Farms High School is a place that will provide you challenges, opportunities for growth and rewards that come from helping young people in a variety of situations. It is our belief that people in general do best what they are good at and enjoy doing. We believe that as an organization, we need to provide opportunities for staff members to improve their effectiveness in their chosen field and create a positive working environment that results in each staff member feeling that he/she is a valued and needed member of a team. We are committed to making Many Farms High School that best possible place to work and learn and invite all staff members to participate in attaining this goal.

Admission/ Business Department

Position: Name: Email: Phone ext:
Principal Tullus Deshenie (Acting) Email: Phone ext: 5201
Business Specialist (HR) Laverne Deschner-Dillon Email: l...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5205
School Nurse Lovelene Haven Email: l...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5142
Business Specialist Valerie Miller-Wilson Email: v...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5205
Clerk (Administrative Aide) Leonardra Morris Email: Phone ext: 5210
Registrar Velma Nalwood Email: Phone ext: 5205
Business Manager Vacant Email: Phone ext: 5203
Information Technology Specialist Eugene Stevens Email: e...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5172