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Recreation Assistant Cynthia Begay c...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5328
Home Living Specialist Emmalana Begay e...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5326
Home Living Assistant Harrison Begay h...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5324
Recreation Assistant Elroy Chee e...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5327
Home Living Assistant Roseline Elthie r...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Home Living Assistant Irene Littleben i...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Home Living Assistant Reid Mckinley r...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5324
Home Living Assistant Shawana Sam s...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Dormitory Manager John Willie j...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5325
Home Living Assistant Debra Yazzie d...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Recreation Assistant Gerald Yazzie g...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5327

Homeliving Program 2015 - 16


To inspire and empower youth by fostering academic, personal, social and cultural growth.
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b0hoo’ aah d00 ada’ akohwiinidzin bee na’nitin. !1d00 t’11 ‘ei bee din4j 7 bi ‘0’ol 9 9 [ d00 din4 bina’
nitin t’11 b7 adaat’e4go yidahoo[‘aah.


Each student will experience academic success and grow into mature, responsible citizens who will maintain a
lifelong love of learning. Our students will function successfully in today’s world and maintain their traditional
and cultural values.
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dzi[ n11sg00 i i n1 yik44 dadeeskaigo din4 bina’nitin d00 din4 b9’ 0hoo’aah d00 da’ 9 [ta’j 9 yee
n11sgo adaat’44 doolee[.

Many Farms High School Home Living Program serves students who are enrolled in the 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grade. The Home Living Program is intended to provide a positive living and learning experience in an environment of residential and academic excellence. We pride ourselves to provide a safe and clean residential facility through staff of professional and paraprofessionals.

The Program is designed to provide a rich living and learning home living environment conducive to personal, social, cultural, mental and intellectual growth. Home living program supports the mission of the home living program by seeking to provide students with the support, and structure needed to maximize development in all areas.

Homeliving supports the mission of the Homeliving program by inspiring and empowering youth by providing students with the support and structure needed to maximize development in all areas. Homeliving provides various family groups, guidance night, and a counseling program which align with the common core and the Dine content standards. Based on this philosophy, the following goals have been established to guide the development of the home living program.

Annually, we incorporate the following skills:

  1. Academic/Tutoring Skills
  2. Basic Housekeeping Skills
  3. Progress Grade Check/Attendance every semester
  4. Prevention Awareness/Career Pathway
  5. Arts and Craft
  6. Recreation, Leisure and Healthy Lifestyle
  7. Counseling services (Individual or Group)
  8. Community Outreach (Special Guest Speakers)

Each dormitory operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week. Qualified individuals oversee the dormitory policies and procedures. The Home Living Specialist, Dorm Manager facilitates and maintains consistent communication with the Home Living Assistances and Recreation Technicians.

The Home living program seeks to encourage in each student a sense of self-discipline with individual responsibility and accountability for one’s actions; self-respect as well as respect for others; and an individual code of behavior which reflects the values of family and the school’s community.

In order for our program to be successful, everyone in the program must do the following:

For students to learn, get along with each other, and feel happy, they must be in an orderly atmosphere with fair, well-understood rules. The goal of positive discipline should be to turn bad behavior into good behavior. Parents and guardians are important people. Family support reinforces the program’s disciplinary effort and is crucial to assisting home living assistance by encouraging appropriate behaviors.

Our program must be as safe, secure, and trouble-free as possible. We know that the learning process is substantially enhanced by order, cooperation, and respect. We, as a home living program will abide by a code of conduct (standards, expectations, and consequences) that will preserve this educational environment.

We support and defend high expectations and expect others to do the same.