Residential/ Home Living/ Recreational

Position: Name: Email: Phone ext:
Recreation Assistant Cynthia Begay c...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5328
Home Living Specialist Emmalana Begay e...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5326
Home Living Assistant Harrison Begay h...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5324
Recreation Assistant Elroy Chee e...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5327
Home Living Assistant Roseline Elthie r...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Home Living Assistant Irene Littleben i...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Home Living Assistant Reid Mckinley r...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5324
Home Living Assistant Shawana Sam s...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Dormitory Manager John Willie j...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5325
Home Living Assistant Debra Yazzie d...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5322
Recreation Assistant Gerald Yazzie g...@BIE.EDU Phone ext: 5327

Homeliving Program 2018 - 2019


To inspire and empower youth by fostering academic, personal, social and cultural growth.


Each student will experience academic success and grow into mature, responsible citizens who will maintain a
lifelong love of learning. Our students will function successfully in today’s world and maintain their traditional
and cultural values.

2018-2019 School Calendar